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Multi color LED 0

LED Interfacing with 8051

LED finds various application in day to day life ranging from indicators, displays to home decoration devices. Let’s understand basics of LED and how to interface it with 8051.

Architecture of Port0 0

Port pin architecture of 8051

It is very much essential to understand hardware architecture of pins to interface hardware with it. In this article we will discuss construction details of all ports of 8051 in details.


LCD interfacing with 8051-8 bit mode

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display which is used to display numbers, strings and special characters as per the application. It is one of the widely used modules in embedded system. In this tutorial, we will learn the basic of LCD and its interfacing with 8051.

8051 programming 0

Basic registers of 8051 microcontroller

When we have to program for a micro-controller, it is essential to understand the working of basic registers associated with specific IC. In this tutorial, we will quickly go through the basic registers of 8051 micro-controller family.


Basics of 8051 micro-controller

Intel invented a micro-controller  in 1976 as MCS-48 having an 8 bit architecture.  In 1980, an improved version of MCS-48 was released known as MCS-51. This 8 bit controller has brought a dramatic change in the history of embedded system. In this tutorial we will understand basic details which are essential for the beginners.